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my mental health story

it's one of those nights when my mind is keeping me awake so i thought i'd pour my heart out in a form of my mental health story. i'm not very good at well constructed posts which is the biggest reason why i gave up on blogging months ago but i'm here now and ready to ramble...

i'm not sure where to start. see, i didn't have a very happy childhood. don't get me wrong, my parents are absolutely wonderful and i'm so lucky to have been raised by them but i don't remember a time without abuse. there was never a point where everything started to go wrong. i remember hiding from a male family member at five years old because he had just hit me. crying myself to sleep because a friend of mine touched me inappropriately before i even knew of consent. and the bullying started on the very first day of school. i was painfully shy and already traumatised which made me an easy target for harassment. five different schools in nine years, moving around finland and…

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